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WWE Theme Music


WWE Themes provides all the WWE Theme Music.  At WWE Themes we have all your favorite Themes by Wrestler and WWE Themes by Divas.  That includes WWE Raw Theme Music, WWE The Music, Wreckless Theme, WWE Music, WWE Originals and more of the best w.w.e. themes. So enjoy your visit at the WWE Theme Music Fan Page, WWE Themes.

WWE Theme CDs

Vol. 6 - WWE the Music Vol. 6 - WWE the Music (2004) 
As the composer behind entrance themes for the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment, formerly the World Wrestling Federation) for more than two decades, Jim Johnston came a long way from the days of Hulk Hogan's "Real American." In 2004, the WWE ...
We Are One (WWE Mix) We Are One (WWE Mix) (2010)
Track Listing: We Are One;
Vol. 9 - WWE: The Music Vol. 9 - WWE: The Music (2009)
International edition of this 2009 release includes three bonus tracks: Stone Cold Steve Austin's 'I Won't Do What You Tell Me', Undertaker's 'Rest In Peace' and The Rock's 'If You Smell'. Special guests on Volume Nine include Rev Theory frontman ...
WWE: The Music, Vol. 9: Voices WWE: The Music, Vol. 9: Voices (2009)
Devotees of World Wrestling Entertainment events will find the theme songs to their favorite wrestling superstars on WWE THE MUSIC, VOL. 9. Songs for wrestlers Randy Orton, Kane, Kelly Kelly, and Umaga are featured, as is the SmackDown theme "If ...
WWE Presents Raw Greatest Hits: The Music WWE Presents Raw Greatest Hits: The Music (2007) 
World Wrestling Entertainment's best-known wrestlers all make their way to the ring with the right arena-rocking anthem backing them up, and this album collects 19 songs made famous as theme music from WWE's broadcasts. WWE Presents Raw Greatest Hits: The ...
WWE: The Music, Vol. 8 WWE: The Music, Vol. 8 (2008)
Track Listing: No More Words; SOS; Glamazon; Wall, The; In the Middle of It Now; Sliced Bread; No Chance in Hell; Don't Question My Heart; Biscuits & Gravy; What Love Is; Ain't No Make Believe; Ain't No Stoppin' Me; Turn ...
WWE Can't Imagine WWE Can't Imagine (2009)
WWE: Anthology WWE: Anthology (2002) 
Professional wrestling as a form of entertainment has elements that no other sport captures. Part soap opera, part macho posturing, battles of good and evil are played out for the indulgence of throngs of fans as the athletes are raised ...
WWE Originals WWE Originals (2004) 
To some, an album of pop songs sung by professional wrestlers may seem like an even worse idea than Magic Johnson hosting a late-night talk show. Any real Wrestlemania fan, however, knows that these properly pumped bruisers and their coiffed ...
WWE: Wreckless Intent WWE: Wreckless Intent (2006) 
A fierce mix of heavy rock and hard-hitting rap, 2006's WRECKLESS INTENT compilation captures the raucous spirit of WWE wrestling. Highlights include Shadows Fall's tempestuous "Fury of the Storm," Three 6 Mafia's brutal "Some Bodies Gonna Get It," and Motorhead's ...
  Wwe Originals (2004)
Stone Cold Steve Austin/Dudley Boys/Kurt Angle/Rikishi/Booker
  WWE Anthology (2008)
Track Listing: DISC 1; Real American; Hitman; Walkabout; Together; It's All About the Money; Snake Bit; Bad Boy; No Holds Barred; Unstable; I Love You; Cool Cocky Bad; One Two Three; Sweet Lovin' Arms; Can't Get Enough; I Know You ...


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