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Wild Samoans

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Former Wresters The Wild Samoans


Wild Samoans brought to you by All WWE Wrestlers.

Wild Samoan Biography - Wild Samoan Feuds

The Wild Samoan Biography

Wild Samoans consist of Afa and Sika, best known in the WWF.  The Wild Samoans are 3 time WWF World Tag Team Champions and WWE Hall of Famers since 2007.

Wild Samoans came to the WWWF in 1980 and feuded with Tito Santana, Ivan Putski, Bob Backlund, Pedro Morales, Tony Garea, Rene Goulet, Rick Martel and then left for a little.

The Wild Samoans returned in 1983 and feuded with Chief Jay, Jules Strongbow, Rocky Johnson, Jimmy Snuka, Andre the Giant, Tony Atlas and then left to start the Wild Samoans Training Center which trained wrestlers such as  Junkyard Dog, Paul Orndorff, Michael PS Hayes, Sherri Martel, Bam Bam Bigelow, Yokozuna and Batista.


Wild Samoan Biography


Wild Samoan Feuds

Did you know?

  • The Wild Samoans have a training centre
  • Wild Samoans had managers such as Capt. Lou Albano, Big Cat Ernie Ladd and Eddie Creatchman
  • WildSamoans were trained by Peter Maivia
  • Afa wrestlers managed wrestlers such as Headshrinker Fatu, Samoan Savage, Samu, Headshrinker Sionne and Yokozunal
  • Afa trained wrestlers such as Afa Jr., Batista, Court Bauer, Black Pearl, Melissa Coates, Terry Gordy, Michael Hayes, Billy Kidman, Chris Kanyon, Kishi, Rocco Rock, Jeff Roth, Havoc, RO'Z, Samu, L.A. Smooth, Snitsky, Umaga, Virgil and Yokozuna
  • Sika had managers such as General Skandor Akbar, Lou Albano, Ole Anderson, Brother Ernest Angel, Abdullah Farouk Jr., Mr. Fuji, Ben Flaherty, King Curtis Iaukea, Ernie Ladd, Alan Martin, Saul Weingeroff and Harvey Wippleman



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