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The WCW Souled Out Results


WCW Souled Out Results provides all the WCW Souled Out results.  At WCW Souled Out Results we have the results for all your favorite Souled Out events.  That includes the 1986 Souled Out Tour which went on for 13 days and many other memorable moments.  Plus we all carry all the Souled Out Products, from the official WWE store, including Souled Out DVDs, WCW Souled Out T-Shirts and more.  And we have NWA Souled Out Events and WCW Souled Out Events.  So enjoy your visit at the Souled Out Results Fan Page, WCW Souled Out Results.

WCW Souled Out Results

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WCW Souled Out 1997 Results (Souled Out 1)

Masahiro Chono def. Chris Jericho

Mexican Death Match
Big Bubba Rogers def. Hugh Morrus with Jimmy Hart

Jeff Jarrett def. Mr. Wallstreet

Buff Bagwell def. Scotty Riggs

Scott Norton def. Diamond Dallas Page

WCW World Tag Team Championship
The Steiner Brothers ala Rick Steiner and Scott Steiner def. The Outsiders aka Kevin Nash and Scott Hall

WCW United States Championship - Ladder Match
Eddie Guerrero def. Syxx

WCW World Heavyweight Championship
Hollywood Hogan vs The Giant =
No Contest

Souled Out 1998 Results (Souled Out 2)

Juventud Guerrera, Super Caló, Lizmark, Jr. and Chavo Guerrero, Jr. def. La Parka, Psychosis, Silver King and El Dandy

Raven's Rules Match
Chris Benoit def. Raven

WCW Cruiserweight Championship
Chris Jericho def. Rey Mysterio Jr.

WCW World Television Championship
Booker T def. Rick Martel

Larry Zbyszko with Dusty Rhodes def. Scott Hall with Louie Spicolli

Ray Traylor and The Steiner Brothers with Ted DiBiase def. The nWo aka Konnan, Scott Norton and Buff Bagwell with Vincent

Kevin Nash with Hollywood Hogan and Eric Bischoff def. The Giant

Bret Hart def. Ric Flair

Lex Luger def. Randy Savage with Miss Elizabeth

Souled Out 1999 Results (Souled Out 3)

Chris Benoit def. Mike Enos

Norman Smiley def. Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Fit Finlay def. Van Hammer

Bam Bam Bigelow def. Wrath

Lex Luger def. Konnan

Loser Wears A Dress Match
Chris Jericho with Ralphus def. Perry Saturn

WCW Cruiserweight Championship - 4 Way Match
Billy Kidman def. Rey Misterio Jr., Juventud Guerrera and Psychosis

Ric Flair and David Flair with Arn Anderson def. Barry Windham and Curt Hennig

Ladder Stun Gun Match
Goldberg def. Scott Hall

WCW Souled Out 2000 Results (Souled Out 4)

Catch-as-Catch Can Match
Billy Kidman def. Dean Malenko with Shane Douglas

Triple Threat Match
Vampiro def. David Flair with Daffney and Crowbar

Big Vito and Johnny the Bull with Disco Inferno def. The Harris Brothers aka Ron Harris and Don Harris

WCW Cruiserweight Championship
Oklahoma def. Madusa with Spice

WCW Hardcore Championship - Fatal 4 Way
Brian Knobs def. Fit Finlay, Norman Smiley and Meng

Bunkhouse Match
Billy Kidman def. Perry Saturn with Shane Douglas

Booker T with Midnight def. Stevie Ray

Tank Abbott def. Jerry Flynn

Last Man Standing Match
Buff Bagwell def. Diamond Dallas Page

Steel Cage Match
The Wall with Shane Douglas def. Billy Kidman

WCW Commissioner - Hardcore Match
Kevin Nash def. Terry Funk

WCW World Heavyweight Championship
Chris Benoit def. Sid Vicious with Arn Anderson as ref




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