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WCW Halloween Havoc Results

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The WCW Halloween Havoc Results


WCW Halloween Havoc Results provides all the WCW Halloween Havoc results.  At WCW Halloween Havoc Results we have the results for all your favorite Halloween Havoc events.  That includes the 1991 Halloween Havoc Match between El Gigante, Sting, Rick Steiner and Scott Steiner vs. Abdullah the Butcher, The Diamond Studd, Cactus Jack and Big Van Vader in a "Chamber of Horror Match" which led to Abdullah in the electric chair and many other memorable moments.  Plus we all carry all the Halloween Havoc Products, from the official WWE store, including Halloween Havoc DVDs, WCW Halloween Havoc T-Shirts and more.  And we have NWA Halloween Havoc Events and WCW Halloween Havoc Events.  So enjoy your visit at the Halloween Havoc Results Fan Page, WCW Halloween Havoc Results.

WCW Halloween Havoc Results

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Halloween Havoc 1989 Results (Halloween Havoc 1)

Tom Zenk def. Mike Rotunda

Samu, Fatu and The Samoan Savage def. The Midnight Express aka Bobby Eaton and Stan Lane and Steve Williams with Jim Cornette

Tommy Rich def. The Cuban Assassin

NWA World Tag Team Championship
The Freebirds aka Jimmy Garvin and Michael Hayes def. Shane Douglas and Johnny Ace with Jim Cornette

Doom aka Ron Simmons and Butch Reed with Woman def. The Steiner Brothers aka Rick Steiner and Scott Steiner

NWA United States Championship
Lex Luger def. Brian Pillman

The Road Warriors with Paul Ellering def. Sid Vicious and Dan Spivey with Teddy Long

Thunderdome Match - Bruno Sammartino as ref
Ric Flair and Sting with Ole Anderson def. The Great Muta and Terry Funk with Gary Hart

WCW Halloween Havoc 1990 Results (Halloween Havoc 2)

Tim Horner def. Barry Horowitz

Rip Rogers def. Reno Riggins

Tommy Rich and Ricky Morton def. The Midnight Express aka Bobby Eaton and Stan Lane with Jim Cornette

Terry Taylor def. Bill Irwin

Brad Armstrong def. J.W. Storm

The Master Blasters aka Blade and Steel def. The Southern Boys aka Tracy Smothers and Steve Armstrong

The Freebirds def. The Renegade Warriors aka Chris Youngblood and Mark Youngblood

NWA United States Tag Team Championship
The Steiner Brothers def. The Nasty Boys 

The Junkyard Dog def. Moondog Rex

NWA World Tag Team Championship
Ron Simmons and Butch Reed vs. Ric Flair and Arn Anderson = Draw

NWA United States Championship
Stan Hansen def. Lex Luger

NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Sting defeated Sid Vicious

WCW Halloween Havoc 1991 Results (Halloween Havoc 3)

Chamber of Horrors Match
El Gigante, Sting, Rick Steiner and Scott Steiner def. Abdullah the Butcher, The Diamond Studd, Cactus Jack and Big Van Vader

Big Josh and PN News def. The Creatures

Bobby Eaton def. Terrance Taylor

Johnny B. Badd def. Jimmy Garvin

WCW World Television Championship
Steve Austin vs. Dustin Rhodes

Bill Kazmaier def. Oz

Van Hammer def. Doug Somers

WCW Light Heavyweight Champion
Brian Pillman def. Richard Morton

The WCW Halloween Phantom def. Tom Zenk

WCW World Tag Team Championship
The Enforcers aka Arn Anderson and Larry Zbyszko def. The Patriots aka Todd Champion and Firebreaker Chip

WCW World Heavyweight Championship - 2 of 3 Match
Lex Luger with Harley Race def. Ron Simmons with Dusty Rhodes

Halloween Havoc 1992 Results (Halloween Havoc 4)

Erik Watts and Van Hammer def. Vinnie Vegas and Diamond Dallas Page

Tom Zenk, Johnny Gunn and Shane Douglas def. Arn Anderson, Michael Hayes and Bobby Eaton

Ricky Steamboat def. Brian Pillman

WCW United States Heavyweight Championship
Big Van Vader def. Nikita Koloff

NWA and WCW World Tag Team Championships
Barry Windham and Dustin Rhodes vs. Steve Williams and Steve Austin = Draw

NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Rick Rude with Madusa def. Masahiro Chono with Hiro Matsuda

WCW World Heavyweight Championship
Ron Simmons with Teddy Long def. The Barbarian with Cactus Jack

Coal Miner's Glove Match
Sting def. Jake Roberts

WCW Halloween Havoc 1993 Results (Halloween Havoc 5)

Ice Train, Charlie Norris and The Shockmaster def. Kole, Kane and The Equalizer

Paul Orndorff with The Assassin def. Ricky Steamboat

WCW World Television Championship
Lord Steven Regal vs. Davey Boy Smith = Draw

WCW United States Heavyweight Championship
Dustin Rhodes def. Steve Austin

WCW World Tag Team Championship
Brian Knobs and Jerry Sags with Missy Hyatt def. Marcus Bagwell and 2 Cold Scorpio with Teddy Long

Sting def. Sid Vicious

WCW International World Heavyweight Championship
Rick Rude def. Ric Flair with Terry Taylor as Enforcer

Texas Death Match
Vader with Harley Race def. Cactus Jack

WCW Halloween Havoc 1994 Results (Halloween Havoc 6)

Booker T def. Brian Armstrong

WCW World Television Championship
Johnny B. Badd vs. The Honky Tonk Man = Draw

WCW World Tag Team Championship
Pretty Wonderful aka Paul Orndorff and Paul Roma def. Stars and Stripes aka The Patriot and Marcus Alexander Bagwell

Dave Sullivan def. Kevin Sullivan

Dustin Rhodes def. Arn Anderson with Col. Robert Parker and Meng

WCW United States Heavyweight Championship
Jim Duggan def. Steve Austin

Vader with Harley Race def. The Guardian Angel

The Nasty Boys def. Terry Funk and Bunkhouse Buck with Col. Robert Parker and Meng

WCW World Heavyweight Championship - Steel Cage
Hulk Hogan with Jimmy Hart def Ric Flair with Sensuous Sherri and Mr. T as a Enforcer

Halloween Havoc 1995 Results (Halloween Havoc 7)

Eddie Guerrero def. Disco Inferno

Paul Orndorff def. The Renegade

Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko def. Lord Steven Regal and Earl Robert Eaton

Sgt. Craig Pittman def. VK Wallstreet

WCW World Television Championship
Johnny B. Badd def. Diamond Dallas Page with the Diamond Doll and Max Muscle

Randy Savage def. The Zodiac

Kurasawa with Col. Robert Parker def. Road Warrior Hawk

Sabu with The Sheik def. Mr. JL

Lex Luger def. Meng

Sting and Ric Flair def. Brian Pillman and Arn Anderson

Sumo Monster Truck Match
Hulk Hogan def. The Giant

Randy Savage def. Lex Luger

WCW World Heavyweight Championship
The Giant with The Taskmaster def. Hulk Hogan with Jimmy Hart

WCW Halloween Havoc 1996 Results (Halloween Havoc 8)

Jim Powers def. Pat Tanaka

Psychosis and Juventud Guerrera def. Damien and Halloween

WCW Cruiserweight Championship
Dean Malenko def. Rey Misterio Jr.

Diamond Dallas Page def. Eddy Guerrero

The Giant def. Jeff Jarrett

Syxx def. Chris Jericho

Lex Luger def. Arn Anderson

Steve McMichael and Chris Benoit with Woman and Debra McMichael def. The Faces of Fear aka Meng and The Barbarian

WCW World Tag Team Championship
Kevin Nash and Scott Hall def. Booker T and Stevie Ray with Sister Sherri and Col. Robert Parker

WCW World Heavyweight Championship
Hollywood Hogan def. Randy Savage

WCW Halloween Havoc 1997 Results (Halloween Havoc 9)

Yuji Nagata with Sonny Onoo def. Último Dragón

Chris Jericho def. Gedo

WCW Cruiserweight Championship - Mack vs. Title Match
Rey Misterio Jr. def. Eddy Guerrero

Alex Wright with Debra def. Steve McMichael

Jacqueline def. Disco Inferno

WCW United States Heavyweight Championship
Curt Hennig def. Ric Flair

Lex Luger def. Scott Hall with Syxx with Larry Zbyszko as ref

Las Vegas Sudden Death Match
Randy Savage with Miss Elizabeth def. Diamond Dallas Page

Steel Cage Match
Roddy Piper def. Hollywood Hogan

WCW Halloween Havoc 1998 Results (Halloween Havoc 10)

WCW World Television Championship
Chris Jericho def. Raven

Wrath def. Meng

Disco Inferno def. Juventud Guerrera

Alex Wright def. Fit Finlay

Perry Saturn def. Lodi

WCW Cruiserweight Championship
Billy Kidman def. Disco Inferno

WCW World Tag Team Championship
Rick Steiner and Buff Bagwell def. The Giant and Scott Steiner

Rick Steiner def. Scott Steiner

Scott Hall def. Kevin Nash

WCW United States Heavyweight Championship
Bret Hart def. Sting

Hollywood Hogan def. The Warrior

WCW World Heavyweight Championship
Goldberg def. Diamond Dallas Page

WCW Halloween Havoc 1999 Results (Halloween Havoc 11)

WCW Cruiserweight Championship
Disco Inferno def. Lash LeRoux

WCW World Tag Team Championship - Street Fight
Harlem Heat def. Billy Kidman, Konnan and Brian Knobs and Hugh Morrus with Jimmy Hart

Eddy Guerrero def. Perry Saturn

Brad Armstrong def. Berlyn with The Wall

WCW World Television Championship
Rick Steiner def. Chris Benoit

The Total Package with Elizabeth def. Bret Hart

WCW World Heavyweight Championship
Sting def. Hulk Hogan

WCW United States Heavyweight Championship
Goldberg def. Sid Vicious

Strap Match
Diamond Dallas Page with Kimberly Page def. Ric Flair

Goldberg def. WCW World Heavyweight Champion Sting

Halloween Havoc 2000 Results (Halloween Havoc 12)

WCW World Tag Team Championship - Triple Threat
Mark Jindrak and Sean O'Haire def. The Filthy Animals aka Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio Jr. with Konnan and Disco Inferno and Alex Wright

Reno defeated Sgt. AWOL to retain the WCW Hardcore Championship (10:50)

Reno pinned AWOL after a Roll of the Dice on a table.

The Misfits In Action (Lt. Loco and Cpl. Cajun) defeated The Perfect Event (Shawn Stasiak and Chuck Palumbo) (9:23)

Loco pinned Stasiak after a Tornado DDT.

The Filthy Animals (Konnan and Tygress) defeated Shane Douglas and Torrie Wilson (8:38)

Konnan pinned Douglas after a double face jam.

Buff Bagwell defeated David Flair in a First Blood DNA match (5:37)

Bagwell busted open Flair after hitting him with a steel chair.

Mike Sanders (with Shawn Stasiak and Chuck Palumbo) defeated Ernest Miller (with Ms. Jones) by countout in a kickboxing match (3rd round 2:00)

Miller was counted out while brawling with Shane Douglas, Sanders became the new commissioner of WCW.

Mike Awesome defeated Vampiro (9:49)

Awesome pinned Vampiro after a top rope Awesome Bomb.

General Rection defeated Lance Storm (c) and Jim Duggan (with Major Gunns) in a Handicap match to win the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship (10:07)

Rection pinned Duggan after a No Laughing Matter, he also won Major Gunns' freedom from Team Canada.

Jeff Jarrett defeated Sting (14:38)

Jarrett pinned Sting after hitting him with a guitar (and much interference by a multitude of fake Stings).

Booker T defeated Scott Steiner (with Midajah) by disqualification to retain the WCW World Heavyweight Championship (13:26)

Steiner was disqualified after hitting Booker with a lead pipe.

Goldberg defeated KroniK (Brian Adams and Bryan Clark) in a Handicap Elimination match (3:35) 




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