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The WWE Wrestler Shad


Shad brought to you by All WWE Wrestlers.

Shad Biography - Shad Feuds

The Shad Biography

Shad Chad Javier Jesus Roman Chittick Gaspard was born January 13th 1981 in Brooklyn, New York.  Shad is a wrestler for the WWE under WWE Smackdown.

Before the WWE, Shad would fight in boxing, kickboxing and MMA fights at bars, night clubs and tough man competitions.  His fighting records are 35-7 in No Holds Barred fights and 57-26 in amateur boxing.  Then was a bodyguard for Puff Daddy, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Mike Tyson and more.

Shad started his WWE career in late 2006 in a tag team with JTG called The Gang Stars and were under WWE Raw.  And fought dark matches.

Shad & JTG then became Cryme Tyme and started fighting in on TV with the 1st fight defeating Johnny and Mikey.  Shad went on to feud with Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch,  Rory McAllister, Robbie McAllister, Charlie Haas, Viscera and Shelton Benjamin but then Cryme Tyme then were dismissed but we don't know the reason.


Shad Biography


Shad Feuds

Shad returned with his partner JTG as Cryme Tyme in 2008 with WWE Raw winning against Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch.  Shad & JTG went on to work with John Cena and help him with JBL and feuded with Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr. till John Cena was injured and they went to WWE Smackdown.

Since then Shad & JTG aka Cryme Tyme picked up Eve Torres as a manager and has feuded with The Hart Dynasty.

Did you know?

  • Shad was trained by the OVW staff
  • Shad began training in boxing when he was 5 and a few different martial arts when he was 8
  • Shad Gaspard was arrested for assault in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, Georgia, Illinois, and California plus looting and robbery in New York and Georgia and forget drug trafficking in Atlanta

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