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The Wrestler Samu


Samu brought to you by All Wrestlers.

Samu Biography - Samu Feuds

The Samu Biography

Samula Anoa'i was born May 29th 1963 in Samoa. Samu is a former wrestler best known for his time in the WWF.

Samu is a 1 time WWF Tag Team Champion with Fatu.

Samu has feuded with wrestlers such as Bob Backlund, Antonio Inoki, Tatsumi Fujinami, Mark Youngblood, Chris Youngblood, Buddy Roberts, Kerry Von Erich, Kevin Von Erich, The Von Erich Family, Michael Hayes, Steve Cox, Hollywood John Tatum, Jimmy Jack Funk, the Midnight Express, The Road Warriors, Steve Williams, Dos Caras, El Canek and Mil Máscaras till going to the WWF in 1992.

Samu came to the WWF for 2 years and feuded with the Natural Disasters, Earthquake, Typhoon, Billy Gunn, Bart Gunn, The Smokin' Gunns, Men on a Mission, Mabel, Mo, The Undertaker, The Quebecers, Yokozuna, Crush, Shawn Michaels, Diesel, Irwin R. Schyster and Bam Bam Bigelow till retiring after a injury.


Samu Biography


Samu Feuds

Did you know?

  • Samu had managers including Doc Daniels, Dylan Dean, Lou Albano, Eddie Creatchman, Buddy Roberts, Joel Deaton, Notorious Norm, Jimmy Garvin, Paul E. Dangerously, Oliver Humperdink and Afa
  • Samu was trained by Afa Anoa'i
  • He fought under ring names such as Samula, The Great Samu, The Tahitian Prince, Samu and Sammy The Silk



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