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Pedro Morales

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Former WWF Wrestler Pedro Morales


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Pedro Morales Biography - Pedro Morales Feuds

The Pedro Morales Biography

Pedro Morales was born October 22nd 1942 in Culebra, Puerto Rico.  Pedro Molares is a former professional wrestler best known with NWA and the WWF.

Pedro Morales is a 1 time NWA Florida Tag Team Champion with Rocky Johnson, 1 time NWA Florida Television Champion, 1 time NWA Southern Heavyweight Champion, 3 time NWA Hawaii Tag Team Champion with Bing Ki Lee once and Ed Francis twice, 3 time NWA North American Heavyweight Champion, 1 time NWA World Tag Team Champion with Pat Patterson, 1 time Triple Crown Champ (1st), 1 time WWWF World Heavyweight Champion, 1 time WWWF United States Champion, 1 time WWF Tag Team Champion with Bob Backlund, 2 time WWF Intercontinental Champion and WWF Hall of Famer since 1995.


Pedro Morales Biography


Pedro Morales Feuds

Pedro Morales came to the WWWF in 1970 and during his time with the WWF he feuded with wrestlers such as Freddie Blassie, Bruno Sammartino, Ivan Koloff, Larry Hennig, Stan Stasiak, Wild Samoans, Ken Patera, Magnificent Don Muraco, Superstar Billy Graham, Randy Savage, Johnny Valiant, Rudy Diamond, Mike Rotundo, Nikolai Volkoff and Harley Race till retiring.

Did you know?

  • Pedro Molares was trained by Barba Rojo
  • He was the 1st Triple Crown Champion
  • PedroMolares had Gorilla Monsoon as his manager
  • Pedro was the 4th Heavyweight Champion in WWWF history
  • Mollares was the 1st wrestler to win the WWF Intercontinental Champion twice


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