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Paul Heyman

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Paul Heyman


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Paul Heyman Biography - Paul Heyman Feuds

The Paul Heyman Biography

Paul Heyman was born September 11th 1965 in Scarsdale, New York.  Paul Heyman is a actor anf former promoter, manager, commentator for the WWF, ECW, WCW and the WWE.

Paul Heyman started his career with the WCW in 1998.  While in the WCW, he feuded with Midnight Express, Jim Cornette, Ross, Missy Hyatt, Jason Hervey, Sting, Ricky Steamboat, Nikita Koloff, Barry Windham, Dustin Rhodes, Scott Steiner and Rick Steiner till going over to the ECW.

In the ECW, Paul Heyman feuded with Eric Bischoff from the WWF/WWE when they bought by the WWE. While working with the WWE, he feuded with Jim Ross, Brock Lesnar, Undertaker, John Cena, Chris Benoit, Rob Van Dam, Stephanie McMahon, Vince McMahon and Bobby Lashley till retiring.


Paul Heyman Biography


Paul Heyman Feuds

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