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Mickie James

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WWE Wrestler Mickie James


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Mickie James Biography - Mickie James Feuds

Mickie James Biography

Mickie Laree James was born August 31st 1979 in Montpelier, Virginia.  And works as a wrestler for the WWE under WWE Raw.

Mickie James is a 5 time WWE Women's Champion and 1 time WWE Wrestlers Champion.

Mickie James started her career in 2002 for TNA and receive enough attention that she was signed by the WWE in October 2005 and became a stalker of Trish Stratus for almost a year.  After the stalking thing, she became a 4 time WWE Women's Champion.

Mickie James Biorgraphy

Mickie James Feuds

Mickie James started her WWE career as a big fan of Trish Stratus and was a tag team with Trish Stratus.  She started to be obsessed with her and even dressed as her in the Halloween Costume Contest.  Trish Stratus left Mickie James and came back later saying they needed time apart.  Mickie James tried to kiss Stratus and Stratus pushed her away and Mickie attacked and later Trish retired and that ended the obsession for good.  She went to become women's champion many times.

Did you know?

  • Mickie James like to ride horses and owns 3
  • Mickie James's favorite wrestlers Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat and Ric Flair
  • MickieJames was on The Jenny Jones Show
  • Mickie was on Celebrity Fit Club Boot Camp
  • James was on the USA Network show Psych
  • Mickie is married to Ken Doane

Mickie James Items

Mickie James Matted Photo
Mickie James Matted Photo



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