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Killer Kowalski

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Wrestler Killer Kowalski


Killer Kowalski brought to you by All WWE Wrestlers.  

Killer Kowalski Biography - Killer Kowalski Feuds

The Killer Kowalski Biography

Edward Walter Spulnik later Wladek Kowalski was born October 13th 1926 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and died August 30th 2008 in Malden, Massachusetts, USA.  Killer Kowalski was a professional wrestler and trainer. Kowalski is best known in the WWWF / WWF.

Killer Kowalski is a 1 time WWWF United States Tag Team Champion with Gorilla Monsoon, 1 time WWWF World Tag Team Champion with Big John Studd and 1996 WWF Hall of Famer.

Killer Kowalski came to the World Wide Wrestling Federation aka WWWF in 1960s and feuded with wrestlers such as Bruno Sammartino, Chief Jay Strongbow and Billy White Wolf till retirement.


Killer Kowalski Biography


Killer Kowalski Feuds

After retiring he started a wrestling school where wrestlers like Triple H, Chyna, Perry Saturn, John Kronus and Brittany Brown were trained plus Kowalski trained Big John Studd, Damien Kane, Killer Kowalski Jr., Chris Nowinski, A-Train, April Hunter, Frankie Kazarian, Nikki Roxx and Kenny Dykstra.

Did you know?

  • Killer Kowalski trained by Lou Thesz
  • He fought under ring names such as Tarzan Kowalski, Hercules Kowalski, The Masked Executioner, The Masked Destroyer and Killer Kowalski
  • Killer Kowalski trained professional wrestlers like Triple H
  • Killa Kowalski was on Late Night with David Letterman in 1982
  • He died of a heart attack

Killer Kowalski Figures


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