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Jimmy Wang Yang

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Former WWE Wrestler Jimmy Wang Yang


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Jimmy Wang Yang Biography - Jimmy Wang Yang Feuds

The Jimmy Wang Yang Biography

James Carson Yun was born May 13th 1981 in Hollywood, California.  Jimmy Wang Yang is a actor and wrestler for the WWE under WWE Smackdown.  Also known for his wrestling in the WCW and TNA.

Jimmy Wang Yang started his wrestling career with the WCW in early 2000 teaming with Jamie-San and Kaz Hayashi in team Jung Dragons.  And feuded with 3 Count till the team became Jimmy Wang Yang and Kaz Hayashi and feuded with Karagias and Jamie Noble till they were bought by the WWF.

Jimmie Wang Yang was wrestling for TNA in 2002 and feuded with A.J. Styles, Jerry Lynn, and Low Ki then left to go back to the WWE.

In late 2003 when he returned he fought Tommy Dreamer with a win that got his name out with the name Akio and only fought low card fights.


Jimmy Wang Yang Biography


Jimmy Wang Yang Feuds

In 2005 Jimmy Wang Yang went to ROH and feuded with James Gibson, Christopher Daniels, Roderick Strong and The Embassy.

Jimmy Wang Yang came back to the WWE in 2006 and feuded with Charlie Haas, Sylvan, Gregory Helms, Chavo Guerrero, Hornswoggle, Kenny Dykstra, Victoria, Jamie Noble, Deuce, Domino, Cherry, Shannon Moore, John Morrison, The Miz, Layla, Kelly Kelly, The Brian Kendrick and Kane and still fights now.

Did you know?

  • Jimmy Wang Yang was trained by Paul Orndorff and WCW Power Plant
  • Jim Wang Yang was managed by Leia Meow, Bruce Leroy, Tajiri, Amy Zidian and Torrie Wilson
  • Jimmy Wang Yang is a police officer in movie Royal Kill

Jimmy Wang Yang Figures


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