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WWE Diva Jillian Hall


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Jillian Biography - Jillian Feuds

The Jillian Biography

Jillian Faye Fletcher was born September 6th 1980 in Ashland, Kentucky.  Jillian is a one of the WWE Divas under WWE Raw.

Jillian entered the WWE in WWE Smackdown as a fixer for Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro and Melina aka MNM.  She then feuded with Stacy Keibler.  But then left them to join forces with JBL.  Where she feuded with Kristal.  But they split and she moved on to be a fan favorite.

As a fan favorite she feuded with Melina and teamed up with Ashley.  But with the team up with Ashley came a feud with Michelle McCool and Kristal.  But later the team up became a feud between the 2.

Jillian Hall then went on to start a singing role where she mock Broke Hogan (the daughter of Hulk Hogan) and feud with Michelle McCool.


Jillian Hall Biography


Jillian Hall Feuds

Jillian then switched over to WWE Raw in June of 2007.  Where she won her 1st fight in a tag team match with Melina by her side against Mickie James and Candice.  She went on to fight in more tag team matches against Michelle McCool and Maria.  She had her 1st WWE Raw individual fight against Lilian Garcia and Mickie James.

Jillian Hall then formed a team with Melina.  And feuded with Trish Stratus, Lita, Mickie James and Kelly Kelly.  After the team up with Melina, she went to form a team with Beth Phoenix.  And went to feud with Mickie James, Melina, Rosa Mendes and Kelly Kelly.

Did you know?

  • Jillian Hall was trained by Finlay, Steve Keirn and Lance Storm
  • Jillian managed wrestlers such as The Blonde Bombers, Melissa Coates, JBL and MNM
  • Jillian is engaged with John Toland
  • Jillian was a fan of Rick Martel when growing up

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