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The Wrestler Gangrel


Gangrel brought to you by All WWE Wrestlers.  

Gangrel Biography - Gangrel Pictures

The Gangrel Biography

David William Heath was born February 16th 1969 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Gangrel is a wrestler best known for his time in the WWF / WWE.

Vampire Warrior came to the ECW in 1995 for a short period and feuded with Tommy Dreamer till going to the WWF.

Gangrel came to the WWF in 1998 and feuded with wrestlers such as Scott Taylor, X-Pac, Hardy Boyz, Michael Hayes, Edge and Christian till leaving in 1991 for a couple years.

Vampire Warrior Biography

Vampire Warrior Pictures

Gangrel came back to the WWE in 1994 and feuded with The Undertaker and Sgt Slaughter till going to independent wrestling circuits.

Did you know?

  • Gangrel had managers including Luna Vachon, Bert Prentice and Kiara Dillon
  • Vampire Warrior managed wrestles like Edge, Christian and The Hardy Boyz
  • He fought under ring names such as Vampire Warrior, Gangrel, Black Phantom, Blackheart Apocalypse, Blackheart Destruction, Crazy Dave, El Vampiro, The Black Phantom, The Druid, Lestat The Vampire, The Vampire Warrior, The Warlock and Vampire Warrior
  • Gangrel was trained by Boris Malenko, Joe Malenko and Dean Malenko
  • David Heath has been in teams with Edge, Christian, Undertaker, The Hardy Boyz, Luna Vachon, John Bradshaw Layfield, Kevin Thorn and Ariel
  • Gangrel was married to Luna Vachon
  • Vampire Warrior is in porno movie called Miami Rump Shakerz 2
  • David Heath was close friends with Chris Benoit



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