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Ernie Ladd

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Former WWF Wrestler Ernie Ladd


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Ernie Ladd Biography - Ernie Ladd Feuds

The Ernie Ladd Biography

Ernest Ladd was born November 28th 1938 in Rayville, Louisiana and died March 10th 2007 in Franklin, Louisiana.  Ernie Ladd was a professional football player and professional wrestler.  Best known in the NFL with the San Diego Chargers, Houston Oilers, Kansas City Chiefs and the Chicago Bears and in the WWF and WCW.

In football, Ernie Ladd is a 4 time AFL All Star, 1 time AFL Champion, 3 time All Pro and San Diego Chargers Hall Of Famer.

In wrestling, Ernie Ladd is a WWF Hall of Famer since 1995 and a WCW Hall of Famer since 1994.

Ernie Ladd feuded with wrestlers such as Wahoo McDaniel, Mr. Wreslting, Andre the Giant, Bruno Sammartino, Pedro Morales, Bob Backlund, Mil Mascaras, Paul Orndorff, Ray Candy and the Junkyard Dog till retiring from wrestling.


Ernie Ladd Biography


Ernie Ladd Feuds

Did you know?

  • Ernie Ladd and Jim Ross were good friends
  • He owned and ran Big Cat Ernie Ladd's Throwdown BBQ Restaurant in New Orleans
  • During Ernie Ladd time in football he was known to be one of the biggest and strongest men
  • Ernie Ladd was on That 70s Show
  • He had managers such as The Grand Wizard of Wrestling
  • He managed The Wild Samoans
  • Ernie died from cancer when he was 68



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