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The Tag Team Demolition


Demolition brought to you by All WWE Wrestlers.

Demolition Biography - Demolition Pictures

The Demolition Biography

Demolition is a tag team best known in the WWF during the late 80's and early 90's.

Demolition are 3 time WWF Tag Team Champions and are the longest reigning in history.

Demolition came the the WWF in 1987 to 1991 feuding with wrestlers such as Hercules Hernandez, Ken Patera, Billy Jack Haynes, Brady Boone, Killer Bees, Jim Brunzell, B. Brian Blair, The Rougeau Brothers, Jacques, Raymond, British Bulldogs, Dynamite Kid, Davey Boy Smith, The Young Stallions, Paul Roma, Jim Powers, The Islanders, Haku, Tama, Can-Am Connection, Rick Martel, Tom Zenk, Strike Force, Tito Santana, Hart Foundation, Bret Hart, Jim Neidhart, Powers of Pain, The Warlord, The Barbarian, Mr. Fuji, André the Giant, Brain Busters, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, the Twin Towers, Akeem, the Big Bossman, Colossal Connection, The Heenan Family, The Rockers, Shawn Michaels, Marty Jannetty, Legion of Doom, Hawk, Animal, Ultimate Warrior, the Texas Tornado, Shunji Takano, Shinichi Nakano and more till leaving the WWF for independent wrestling circuits.


Demolition Biography


Demolition Pictures


Did you know?

  • Demolition had members such as Ax, Smash and Crush
  • Demolition had managers such as Mr. Fuji and Luscious Johnny V


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