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Buzz Sawyer

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The Wrestler Buzz Sawyer


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Buzz Sawyer Biography - Buzz Sawyer Feuds

The Buzz Sawyer Biography

Bruce Alan Woyan was born June 14th 1959 in St. Petersburg, Florida and died February 7th 1992 in Sacramento, California. Buzz Sawyer is a former wrestler best known for his time in the NWA, WWF and the WCWA/WCW.

Buzz Sawyer was a 1 time WCWA Television Champion, 1 time WCWA Texas Heavyweight Champion and 1 time WCWA World Tag Team Champion with Matt Borne.

Buzz Sawyer wrestled for 11 years feuding with big name wrestlers such as the Road Warriors, Tommy Rich, Mike Graham, Dusty Rhodes, Brian Adias, Dingo Warrior, Lance Von Erich, the Four Horsemen, Arn Anderson and more.


Buzz Sawyer Biography


Buzz Sawyer Feuds

Did you know?

  • Buzz Sawyer was also known as Mad Dog and Bulldog
  • BuzzSawyer had managers such as Gary Hart, Kevin Sullivan, Paul Ellering, Paul Jones, Percy Pringle, Captain Lou Albano and Dark Journey
  • Buzz died of a overdose
  • He was known for fighting police outside of bars
  • The Undertaker paid Buzz to train him but Buzz never came
  • Sawyer was a drug smuggler


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