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Bill DeMott

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The Wrestler Bill DeMott


Bill DeMott brought to you by All WWE Wrestlers.  

Bill DeMott Biography - Bill DeMott Pictures

The Bill DeMott Biography

William DeMott was born November 10th 1966 in Titusville, Florida. Bill DeMott is a wrestler best known in the ECW, WCW and the WWE.  And known for his high flying wrestling as a 300 pound man.

Bill DeMott is a 2 time WCW United States Heavyweight Champion and 1 time WCW World Tag Team Champion with Alex Wright.

Bill DeMott came to the ECW in 1993 for a year then came to the WCW in 1995 and feuded with wrestlers such as Goldberg, New Blood, Filthy Animals, Team Canada, Lance Storm, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and more till going to the WWE.


Hugh Morrus Biography


Hugh Morrus Pictures

Hugh Morrus came to the WWE in 2001 for 6 years feuding with Christian, Big Show, Billy Gunn, Albert, Chris Jericho, Edge, Lance Cade, Steve Bradley, The Hurricane, Funaki, Shannon Moore, Chuck Palumbo, Crash Holly, Rikishi and Chris Kanyon.  And now is a coach in 2011's Tough Enough.

Did you know?

  • Bill DeMott has trained wrestlers such as Matt Cappotelli, Danny Inferno, Mike Mizanin, John Hennigan, Daniel Puder, Ryan Reeves, Taylor Wilde, Johnny Curtis, Trenesha Biggers and Andy Leavine
  • He fought under ring names such as Crash the Terminator, The Man of Question, Hugh Morrus, Captain Rection, General Hugh G. Rection, Bill DeMott, The Laughing Man and The Man of Question
  • BartGunn had managers such as Jim Cornette and Sunny
  • Bart Gun had managers such as Major Gunns, Jimmy Hart, Judd the Studd, Kevin Sullivan and Darren Wise


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