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Bertha Faye

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Former Diva Bertha Faye


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Bertha Faye Biography - Bertha Faye Feuds

The Bertha Faye Biography

Rhonda Ann Sing was born February 21st 1961 in Calgary, Alberta and died July 27th 2001 in Calgary, Alberta.  Bertha Faye was a professional wrestler best known in the WWF and the WCW.  And a 1 time WWF Women's Championship.

Bertha Faye came to the WWF in 1995 were she feuded with Alundra Blayze mainly until moving over to the WCW.

Bertha Faye came to the WCW in 1999 for about a year were she fought for male titles like the Cruiserweight Title and the Hardcore Title, but non successful.  She did become a Nitro Girl for a little as Nitro Girl Beef.

Bertha Faye Biography

Bertha Faye Feuds


Did you know?

  • Bertha Faye was close friends with Owen Hart
  • BerthaFaye had Harvey Wippleman as his manager
  • She was a caregiver for the handicapped before she died
  • Bertha Fay was trained by Mildred Burke
  • She fought under ring names such as Monster Ripper, Bertha Faye, Rhonda Singh and Nitro Girl Beef
  • Bretha Faye was the 1st Stampede Women's Champion




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