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Bart Gunn

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The Wrestler Bart Gunn


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Bart Gunn Biography - Bart Gunn Feuds

The Bart Gunn Biography

Michal Burton Polchlopek Jr. was born December 27th 1965 in Eddyville, Kentucky. Bart Gunn is a former MMA fighter and wrestler best known in the WWF with the tag team of called The Smoking Gunns.

Bart Gunn is a 1 time NWA World Tag Team Champion with Bombastic Bob, 3 time WWF Tag Team Champion with Billy Gunn and the Brawl for All winner (the shoot fighting tournament in 1998).

Bart Gunn came to the WWF in 1993 for 6 years feuding with wrestlers such as Billy Gunn, Steve Williams, The Godfather, Bradshaw, Eric Butterbean Esch and Steve Blackman when he came back in 2007 for the 15th Anniversary Battle Royal.


Bart Gunn Biography


Bart Gunn Feuds

Did you know?

  • Bart Gunn was trained by Caesar Barraza, Blackjack Mulligan and Boris Malenko
  • He fought under ring names such as Bart Gunn, Brett Colt, Bodacious Bart and Mike Barton
  • BartGunn had managers such as Jim Cornette and Sunny
  • Bart Gun fought in a MMA fight with PRIDE FC
  • Bart Gunn was in TNA for a very short stunt


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